Logicon is a new software detection system that helps the doctor’s discover cavities also known as caries via X-ray radiographs.

How it works?

Through this new system, doctors are able to identify cavities that are hard to see (whether they are between teeth or at the early stages of decay). Logicon analyzes and highlights abnormalities within the patient’s mouth that signals the doctors to take a closer look. Every time you have X-rays performed you can be sure the doctors look at each radiograph through the Logicon program. Please allow 7-10 days after your appointment for the doctor to fully review your Logicon analysis.

Why we use it?

Logicon is the most accurate detection system to date! It has been proven that Logicon detects 20% more cavities than the naked eye. For the doctors, it is the best way to see cavities that need to be filled or monitored. Through this new software we can now monitor a patient’s mouth and stop major decay from happening.

How it helps you?

We are all about prevention! By using Logicon we are seeing cavities at their beginning stages of decay. When small cavities are caught, we can easily clean the decay and fill the tooth with material that keeps out bacteria.

If decay is left unseen, larger problems can arise. When cavities are not taken care of, there is possibility of a root canal or tooth loss. We want to catch decay at the earliest stages saving you time and money!

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